Why It Matters Who Files First for Divorce

file-first-400-07726406dSometimes a spouse can be blind-sided by his or her partner’s request for a divorce. More often, however, both spouses share a sense that the relationship is broken and can’t be fixed. When it comes to that, does it matter who files first? According to some financial and legal divorce consultants, it does.

The better prepared you are for divorce, the better your chances for negotiating terms to your best advantage. Usually the spouse who initiates the divorce first takes the time to obtain a lawyer and other divorce consultants. He or she gathers all the paperwork and documentation that may be needed during the divorce proceedings, while the spouse who gets served with divorce papers scrambles to do the same. These are just two of the benefits of being the first to file. For additional advantages, read “What Are The Financial And Legal Advantages Of being First To File For Divorce?

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