Successful Co-Parenting Requires Overcoming Fears

co-parenting-400-04058827dOne of the most emotionally trying issues of divorce is the question of child custody. Although spouses may be more than ready to part from each other, they usually are not willing to give up their relationship with their children – and for good reason.

Studies have shown that in most situations, children thrive better under the influence of both parents. Family courts recognize this and more often than not will award joint custody unless circumstances cause them to rule otherwise. While it is in the best interest of the children, co-parenting isn’t easy. The logistics alone of such an arrangement can be tricky, but what makes co-parenting even harder are the fears many divorced couples share. Family coach Karen Becker identifies and explains those fears in her article “What I Wish Every Co-Parent Knew” for The Huffington Post.

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