To Single Parents Traveling Abroad with Their Children – Be Prepared

single-parent-travel-400-06092614d-(1)International custody fights are more common than you might realize. Many people may remember the story of New Jersey resident David Goldman who spent years battling his ex-wife’s Brazilian family following her death to regain custody of his son Sean. More recent news articles are following actress Kelly Rutherford’s fight with her ex over custody of their children who currently live with their father in Monaco.

These custody disputes are devastating for the families and problematic for the countries involved, so it’s no wonder why authorities may question a parent’s intention when travelling abroad with his or her children. While no one welcomes their parental rights being questioned, the best way to handle a situation like this is to be prepared. For suggestions on how to be prepared, read “8 Travel Safety Tips for Single Parents Going Abroad with the Kids” on, paying particular attention to tip number seven. A blog that appeared on titled “The Single Parent’s Guide to International Travel With Kids” offers additional tips.

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