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Annulment vs divorce - 2 sets of folded hands, house keys and a gavel depict couple contemplating the termination of their marriageMost couples facing the end of their marriage immediately think divorce, but there may be another option available—an annulment. While a divorce is the legal process for dissolving a marriage, an annulment—also a legal procedure—deems the marriage null and void as if it had never occurred in the first place. An annulment is often quicker than a divorce, however, it is not available to everyone. Very specific requirements, including time limits, must be met before an annulment can be granted and those requirements can vary by state.

Before you decided whether to seek an annulment or a divorce, it is important to understand the differences between these two legal procedures, as discussed in, “Annulment Vs. Divorce: What’s The Difference?” If you are still uncertain which course of action to pursue, your Family Law attorney can advise you.

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